Bethlehem Township Volunteer Fire Company has been providing Emergency Medical Services since 1956. Since our company started providing medical services to the community, the direction of the company has always been to provide the highest qualified personnel, as well as the best equipment on the market to ensure that optimal care is provided for all the residents in which we serve. We take this responsibility that has been bestowed upon us by several municipalities both as a company and the personnel very seriously.

We provide medical services in cooperation with local Basic Life Support Agencies in Lower Nazareth, Hanover Township, Bath Borough and Moore Township. We help out other companies in the area such as Suburban EMS, Dewey Fire Company, City of Bethlehem EMS and Nazareth EMS. These same agencies help us out as well, and you may see these companies from time to time when we are out on other emergencies. All the companies in Northampton County have what is referred to as a Mutual Aid assignment. These agreements between all companies in Northampton County allow for an agency to respond without causing delay to those who are in need of help when another agency is on more emergencies then they can handle at that time.

All of our ambulances provide what is referred to as Advanced Life Support services. Advanced Life Support means that a Paramedic is always on this ambulance. The Paramedic has the ability to provide life sustaining treatment with medications and medical techniques.

We are able to detect if a person is having a heart attack with our cardiac monitor, and this allows for the hospital of your choice to be notified, which allows for faster treatment when you arrive. We have medications that are proven to be beneficial for those who are having a heart attack as well that you would be given while transported to the hospital.

We have medications that treat conditions such as Diabetes, COPD, Asthma, Heart Attacks, Cardiac Arrest, Heart Conditions, Pain and many others as well. We have equipment that assists us with broken bones, Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation, breathing problems, detecting diabetic related problems as well as other detection and lifesaving equipment.


EMS Officers

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