Volunteer options Active Junior Personal Information Name:* Address:* Birthday:* Cell Number: Soc. Sec. No: Email:* Permanent Address: Are you a U.S. Citizen? Have you eve been convicted of a crime?: If yes, please explain: Do you have a Drivers License? If yes what State? Class: Restrictions: Operator Number: Has your license ever been suspended?: If yes explain: Employment Current Employer: Years Employed: Address: Phone number: Position/Job Title: Past Employer: Past Job Years Employed: Address: Phone number: Position/Job Title: Military Have you ever been in the Armed Forces? If yes what Branch? How many years? Type and Date of Discharge: List any special training: Education High School: Dates: Vo-Tech or Trade School: Dates: College: Dates: Degrees Earned: Major Studies: General Information List any special skills or certifications you have which would be a benefit to this organization: Why do you want to join a volunteer organization? What are you intrested in? EMS Fire Fire Police (Check all that apply) Are you currently or have you ever been a member of an organization such as BTVFC? If yes, what organization? Person in charge? Phone Number: Do you know any member of BTVFC? If yes, name of person: References List 3 Personal References Name Phone Number: Address: How long have you know this person? Occupation: Name Phone Number: Address: How long have you know this person? Occupation: Name Phone Number: Address: How long have you know this person? Occupation: Statement of Certification The undersigned, hereby claim that, to the best of knowledge, all information provided in this application is true and correct. Further, I understand that any information has been given incorrectly is cause for rejection or dismissal from the company. Permission is hereby granted to Bethlehem Township Volunteer Fire Co.,Inc. to contact any and all persons listed on this application, and any government agency which may have knowledge of my background. Name:* Enter your name, you will be required to physically sign this application in ink if you are accepted. Date: Optional Emergency Contact Information Name: Phone Number: Address: Relationship: Other: Bethlehem Township Volunteer Fire Co. C/O Membership Committee, P.O. Box 3337, Bethlehem PA 18017 or in person at 1919 8thSt Bethlehem PA 18020 Volunteer Application (14-18 y/o)

New Member Application

Active Membership: Any person 18 year of age or older wishing to be considered for full membership status.

Applicants 18 years an older will also need to complete a Pennsylvania State Police Criminal Background Check as well as Pennsylvania Child Abuse background check and FBI fingerprinting for applicants that meet criteria.  The membership committee will discuss with new applicants this process.

Junior Member: Any member from age 14 up to active age. Must complete a parental consent form as well as have current working papers. In order to run EMS the members MUST be at least 16 years of age.

Parental Consent Form here

Junior Members do not pay an application fee.

New member applications are reviewed by our membership committee. Applications that meet the requirements of the company will be brought to the general body for membership vote the first Friday of each month.

You must be present at the General Body meeting to be voted on for membership.

If you have any questions please contact the membership chairperson

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.