sample image1Engine 1711

Engine 1711 is equipped with 500 gallons of water and a 1250 GPM pump. This truck's main objective is primary attack on a fire scene. This 1989 Mack is equipped with an Evolution 5200 series Thermal Imaging Camera, 7 complete SCBA packs, 8 spare air cylinders, a 4-gas meter, and firefighting hand tools. 1711 also carries basic EMS equipment including an Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) and seats 4 firefighters, 1 officer, and a driver/pump operator.

sample image1Engine 1712

Engine 1712, a rescue/pumper is the newest piece of fire equipment in our fleet. This unit responds first to all fire and accident calls. This unit carries the “jaws of life”, a variety of fire fighting hand tools, gas power tools and of course hundreds of feet of hose. 1712 carries 1000 gallons of water and has a 2000 GPM pump, with a 40 gallon foam tank. This unit also carries EMS supplies including an Automatic external defibrillator, (AED). This unit can transport 4 fire fighters and officer and a driver/pump operator.

sample image1Heavy Rescue 1741

This rescue vehicle contains Hurst Hydraulic equipment such as the "Jaws of Life", O-Cutters, Rams, Hurst Air Bag System, High Lift Jacks, and Forcible Entry Tools. This unit also contains a mounted cascade unit, which is used for filling air cylinders at scenes of large-scale fires, and is also equipped with a 9000 watt telescoping light tower that enables rescuers to work at night in artificial daylight conditions. This unit seats for 10 firefighters.

sample image1Brush/Rescue 1742

A 1995 International Chassis 4-wheel drive brush/rescue with a pump capable of pumping 500 gallons of water per minute. A 500 gallon water tank makes this unit “Pump and Roll” capable. This enables the driver to drive off road through fields to extinguish brush fires. It carries multiple size attack and supply hose along with rescue tools including a smaller size "Jaws of Life", a "Rabbit Tool", and "Rams". This unit carries a supply of EMS equipment including an AED and seats 4 firefighters.

sample image1Utility Vehicle 1746

A 1998 Chevy 2500 Series Extended Cab pick-up truck is used to tow our off road vehicles to remote locations such as the bike path, and/or hiking trails. This unit also has a snow plow attachment. During snowstorms this unit accompanies the ambulance to help clear a path to a sick person’s home. We use this vehicle to assist fire police with extended duration road closures.

sample image1Utility Vehicle 1745

A 2005 Ford Super duty crew cab pick-up truck is used to tow the rescue boat to the launch. This vehicle is also used to tow the off road vehicles to remote locations. This vehicle is also equipped with EMS supplies, including an AED. We use this vehicle to assist fire police with extended duration road closures.

sample image1Rescue Boat 1747

The Rescue One boat carries EMS and water rescue equipment, and has the ability to carry two patients. The boat is powered by a 40HP Mercury jet outboard motor. This motor is positioned in such a way that the boat can traverse very shallow water without damaging the motor. This unit also has a dive platform.

sample image1Specialty Rescue 1748
The Grizzly 4-wheeler unit is used for off road situations where normal fire apparatus cannot access. This unit is ideal for the Bike Path and Tow Path both of which are heavily used in Bethlehem Township. This unit enables us to gain quick access to an injured person. We carry EMS equipment in the storage bin which allows us to begin treatment until the remaining rescuers reach the remote location.
sample image1Specialty Rescue 1749

The 6-wheeled John Deere Gator has the ability to transport a patient from a remote location much faster than the traditional stokes basket carry. The unit is stocked with a backboard, rescue basket, basic life support items, search lights, and rope and rough terrain items. This unit is also utilized to transport firefighters to remote areas to extinguish brush fires. There is also a 2000 lb winch mounted to the front of the unit.